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No-hype AI + IoT in 4 Weeks

Prototype your perfect AI + IoT use case even if you’re not a technical leader, without a giant data science team and R&D budget.

Step 1: Find the right use case.

Step 2: Test a lightweight prototype

Step 3: Deliver an amazing product

How much is not having an AI + IoT offering costing you?

Most businesses struggle to create new AI + IoT offerings that customer love and create a unique business value. When you get stuck not delivering on AI + IoT…

  • You’re losing ground in the marketplace
  • Customers treat you like a commodity product
  • You struggle to learn from customer patterns
  • Investors don’t see
  • You struggle to stand out in crowded marketplace
  • You lack a digital edge to leverage your company’s unique advantage

Leveraging AI + IoT technologies should be easy. Most companies don’t know how to quickly test ideas and get at the one that is going to be a game-changer.


Become data-driven. Launch new products that wow your customers.


Build SaaS

Revenue Develop new lines of revenue that boost your company’s value and provide more value for your customers.


Stand out in marketplace

Stand out is sea of commoditize hardware providers.
Grab your customer’s interest, spend and expand your share of wallet.


Escape commoditization

Compete with low-cost offshore competitors. Build an ecosystem of services that transcends price comparison.

It's Time to Start Your AI + IoT Project and Make a Plan

1. Data and Company Assessment

The right opportunity takes advantage of your unique data assets and the company’s strategic advantage.

2. Align on the best
AI + IoT Use Case

Get your best thinkers and leaders to align on the best AI + IoT use cases.

3. Prototype &
Test Use Case

Get real-world feedback on your idea, make sure you are on the right track, and learn.

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The Top 5 Tools for Prototyping Your Analytics App

When building your Analytics App, it's important to prototype it quickly. This guide will introduce the top 5 tools for prototyping fast-- without building a large data science team!

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You Can’t Afford to Get AI + IoT Wrong

Quality hardware is no longer good enough. Industrial equipment and machinery companies need to embrace IIoT transformation.

Commoditization, global competition, and technology trends will continue to force hardware makers out of their comfort zone are offer more services and software services.

You can see this playing out within the following examples...

  • Anonymous Operation: Tesla, John Deere.
  • Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service: Airbus (Skywise), Boeing (Analytx)
  • X-as-a-Service: Rolls Royce (TotalCare — Jet-Engine-As-A-Service), Kaeser Compressors (Sigma Air Utility: Compressed-Air-as-a-Service)

This is just the beginning. All equipment builders will be forced down this path to stay competitive.

Let us help you craft a plan to tap this new opportunity.