New revenue.
Lower costs.
Real AI.

Data-driven products to stay competitive in a data-rich world for manufacturers and OEM's.

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Become data-driven. Launch new products that wow your customers.


Build New Lines of Business

Monetize your data and domain expertise to build new sources of revenue that boost share-of-wallet and enhance customer satisfaction.


Cut Cost and Streamline Operations

Use data and analytics to empower your workers, cut costs and optimize your business.


Stand out in the marketplace

Resist just being another widget maker. Differentiate your company as a digital-first, data-driven firm that is a leader in your marketplace.

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What we believe...

Business Value First, AI

Focus on solving the "right" problems with AI and analytics

AI for the "little guy"

You don't have to be a software company to use AI as major competitive advantage

Think big, act small, scale fast

No R&D disasters! Stay lean. Prototype. Learn and push products to market fast.